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Mr. Lawrence Kiefer

Number of years in the BPSD:19years,  24 total years, all in the field of Special Education.

Schools I have worked:San Bernardino County School for 2 years, Ramona and Thomas Jefferson Elementary in Bellflower for 3 years. Then came to Buena Park in 1998 starting at Gilbert Elm, then Buena Park Junior High, and finally Wonderful Whitaker for last 12 years.

My passion-Exploring the world with my family!

My favorite things, hobbies, activities: Disneyland is near the top along with any and all things Science Fiction, especially Star Trek-Live Long and Prosper🖖🏻

Family: I have been married to my wonderful wife Julie Kiefer for 19 years, she is also a special education teacher. We have two terrific children, Larry the III and Kathryn the Great.

My Educational Philosophy: Teaching should be like water, it should flow where it can and move the obstacles in its path-L.L.Kiefer Jr

Why I became a teacher: Honestly, I wanted to become an actor, but as all good parents do, my mom and dad suggested teaching. There is long and respected history of teachers in my family and I have been so fulfilled by my career these last 20 years that I can't think of doing anything else.

Fond memory as a teacher: My fondest memory, so far, is when one of my earliest students contacted me and said "Mr. Kiefer, you were right, I never gave up and now I'm graduating from college. Will you please come to my graduation!"- Former Special Education Graduate-CSUF